Clinical Depression  

Clinical depression is a physical ailment therefore clinical depression must be treated by medical professionals who can treat this disease. Clinical depression, like any other disease, has symptoms that can be diagnosed and treated. If you or a loved one is suffering from clinical depression, you will notice a nearly daily depressed mood and lack of interest in activities once thought of as pleasurable. Individuals with clinical depression tend to go to extremes with eating and sleeping and may eat too much or too little and sleep too much or too little. Chronic fatigue and emotional bottoms are other signs of clinical depression. There are treatments available for clinical depression that involve correcting brain chemistry through medications and therapeutic approaches to correct thinking and behavior patterns. Call National Referral today to ask questions about clinical depression and to find a treatment program that can address your specific needs.

Clinical depression affects more than 15% of the population to an extent that they should seek treatment. People often don't seek treatment however and choose to believe that it is simply a bad mood that will pass. Indeed depression is known as the "common cold" of mental disorders and nearly a quarter of a million people are hospitalized with clinical depression every year. People get depressed over many things such as work, financial troubles, married people are more likely to get depressed than single people and the physical and emotional consequences of substance abuse can often resemble clinical depression.

Clinical depression is much more than being sad over high credit card bills, a missed promotion or loneliness, clinical depression is a serious, disabling condition that can consume life and can lead to thoughts suicide. Like many diseases such as cancer, clinical depression is progressive and will get worse if not treated. Fortunately clinical depression can be a temporary problem, unfortunately some people solve this temporary problem with a permanent action of suicide. It is important to seek treatment now before it gets worse.

National Referral has directed thousands of individuals to the resources they need to find a solution to their problem. Whether it is clinical depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, or co-dependency involving any of these disorders, National Referral can help.

If you or a loved one is having trouble concentrating, is often agitated or non-responsive and is suffering from a disruption of normal activities, we encourage you to call National Referral today. Clinical depression should be taken very seriously and action is required sooner than later.

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